What happens if I get scammed on Booking?

If you have been scammed on Booking.com, the first thing to do is contact the site's customer support immediately. Booking.com is known for having dedicated customer service and may be able to help you resolve your issue. Explain in detail what happened by providing all the evidence you have, such as emails, booking confirmations and payment receipts.

It is essential to act quickly, as this increases your chances of receiving a refund or finding an alternative solution. Booking.com may mediate between you and the accommodation to try to resolve the problem. Additionally, they may offer a refund or voucher for future bookings if your request is legitimate.

In some cases, you may also need to contact your bank or credit card provider to dispute the payment, and you may need to take legal action, depending on the severity and circumstances of the scam. It is also advisable to report the event to local authorities, especially if there is evidence of criminal activity.

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