How to pay on Booking without a credit card? is predominantly focused on using credit or debit cards to secure reservations. However, some establishments may offer the option to pay without a credit card. That's how:

1. Search for properties that offer “Pay at the property”: After entering your dates and destination, filter the results to only show those that offer this option.

2. Check the accepted payment methods: On the property page, check under "Property policies" and "Important information" where the different accepted payment methods are often indicated, such as cash, bank transfer or electronic payments (e.g. PayPal) .

3. Contact the property: After finding a hotel that allows you to pay without a credit card, contact the property directly to confirm your preferred payment method and to clarify any doubts.

Remember that even if you pay on site without a credit card, some establishments may still require a card at check-in for any extra charges or as a security deposit. Always communicate with the hotel to avoid inconvenience and to ensure that your payment preferences can be accommodated.

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