How to add a person on Telegram without number?

To add a person on Telegram without knowing their phone number, follow these steps:

  1. User username: Ask the person for their Telegram username. It usually starts with an @.
  2. Research: Open Telegram and tap the magnifying glass icon to access search.
  3. Enter Username: Type the person's username into the search bar.
  4. Select Profile: Among the results you will be shown the profile corresponding to the username you entered.
  5. Add to friends: Tap the profile and then click “Add as friends” or “Start a chat” to send a message.

Remember that if the user has set their privacy to not be found by username, you will not be able to add them until they explicitly give their consent or change their privacy settings. Additionally, you can also add people in Telegram via invitation links to groups or channels, if you are an administrator of those groups or channels and want to invite them.

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