What is the difference between Booking and Airbnb?

Booking.com and Airbnb are two online booking platforms operating in the hospitality industry, but there are some key differences in their business model and the types of accommodation they offer.

Booking.com started as a hotel booking site and has since expanded to include a variety of accommodation types such as apartments, vacation homes, bed & breakfasts and more. The platform is known for offering a wide range of accommodation options with immediate availability and largely focuses on booking hotel properties and traditional accommodations.

Airbnb, on the other hand, began as a marketplace that allows individuals to rent out part or all of their living space to temporary guests. This concept has expanded to also include unique travel experiences and adventures. Airbnb is predominantly associated with more personal and “home-like” living experiences, offering travelers the chance to stay in real homes and live like a local.

Both platforms allow users to filter searches based on various criteria, but Airbnb has a greater emphasis on personal connection and unique experience during the stay, while Booking.com is geared towards providing a wide range of choices immediately bookable, often with the possibility of free cancellation and without the necessary long-term commitment seen on Airbnb.

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