Women's sandals: how to save money online with the summer sales

The summer trends on women's sandals see the confirmation of timeless classics such as flip flops or slipper sandals

Summer trends on women sandals they see the confirmation of timeless classics such as flip flops or slipper sandals, and at the same time a renewed interest in wedges and clogs. 

The watchword is only one: comfort. THE comfortable sandals they are precious allies when on vacation but also in the city: versatile and practical, they complete any type of look, from the most casual to the most elegant, if you choose sandals with heels or jeweled sandals, perfect for highlighting feet and ankles under sheath dresses black or very colorful dresses.

The second watchword is style: the summer trends focus on flat leather sandals, evergreen classics that never tire, but also on more or less squared heels, in pastel shades such as lilac and mint green, a must for spring just ended, or fuchsia sandals to enhance the tan. 

Slipper sandals

Beloved by the influencers who show it off on Instagram on the most diverse occasions, i slipper sandals they are perfect to pack. Simple in line, they come with a minimal style and consist of a sole and one, maximum two bands made with different materials, from rubber to leather. 

This simple line has been declined in dozens of different variations by fashion houses, as for example in the Hermès sandal model, which has incorporated the classic H-shaped signature in the upper, thus making its shoes recognizable among thousands. 

Thong sandals

Flip flop sandals earn further points this year too; it's really impossible to give up these shoes that are beautiful to wear, versatile and comfortable for walking, both on the beach and on the asphalt. The ultra flat flip flops they are among the most popular models because they complete any type of look, both day and night. You can combine them with long airy skirts and wide trousers, but also with jeans and monochrome or printed dresses. 

In addition to the basic models that act as a passe-partout in the wardrobe of women of any age, those with inserts of precious stones, fringes and laces are also very popular. One of my all time favourites, the Birkenstock sandal which with its minimal and recognizable design conquers an important slice of the public again this year. 

In fact, one of the advantages of these models is that they are wearable and meet the most diverse tastes, from those seeking absolute comfort to those who want to be fashionable even in informal contexts. 

Slave sandals

Slave sandals are trendy, cheeky and sensual. These are flat sandals that can be either flip flops or with bands, equipped with laces to be woven at the ankle or to go up along the calf - ideal for highlighting long legs and thin ankles -, hence the definition "gladiator ”.

Those who want to put sensuality first instead of flat sandals can choose slave sandals with heels; in addition to the flat version, in fact, perfect for going around during the day, there are also models designed for the evening, enriched by the presence of jewels or in patent leather, with more or less high and more or less thin heels. 

Wedge sandals and clogs

I wedge sandals they are the middle ground between a flat sandal and a heeled sandal; the wedge, made of different materials – from rope to plastic -, gives a few extra centimeters but without suffering from the presence of the heel which, especially if you are not used to wearing, can sometimes be uncomfortable.

Summer wedges are the holiday model par excellence, to be combined with straw accessories such as bags and hats, especially at the beach, but also with jeans and loose shirt-style dresses, preferably with stripes. 

Clogs are also making a comeback, bringing back the sixties models and turning into the so-called clogs. The must-have for the summer, for those who want to keep up with the times, is the structured wooden clog, with a leather upper and a few visible studs, for a glam rock look with a touch of sensuality. 

And finally, last but not least, also this summer the wardrobe cannot miss espadrilles and slippers Havaianas, both colorful and comfortable, to complete the casual and holiday look to show off on the seafront. 

Where to buy women's sandals 2022

In all stores, both physical and online, you can find all the new sandals proposals for the summer and the more classic ones, with different price ranges and divided by style. 

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