Nails for Valentine's Day: inspiration and discount codes

Create your love-themed nail art with nail polish, glitter, stickers and other accessories. Save on your Valentine's manicure with discount codes on nail polishes and accessories included.

February 14 is approaching, and it's time to think not only about gifts and romantic dinners but also about nail art di Valentine's day. A beautiful love-themed manicure is in fact a nice, simple and imaginative way to change the look a bit without distorting it, and celebrate Valentine's Day with the right mood!

Nail art based on passion red enamels, decorated with rhinestones, glitter and little hearts, dress up nails of any type and shape, making them different from the usual, whimsical and elegant.

In this article we are going to see some of the trends for Valentine's nails without forgetting shopping; if you want to create the perfect Valentine's Day manicure, you will need nail polish, nail sticker or glitter decorations and accessories such as brushes or UV lamps, with which to give life to "heartfelt" nail art even at home.

At the end of the article we leave you a series of discount codes on nail polishes and accessories to create all the Valentine's Day nail art you want; don't let them get away!

Valentine's day nail art with hearts

Let's start with a great Valentine's classic, nails painted with a white monochrome base and a red heart. The colors white and red are purely indicative, in fact we know that love has no color (or has them all, depending on your point of view). 

However, red and white remain in the list of favorites for Valentine's Day nail art, probably because together they are an effective combination and convey joy and light-heartedness.

To make this nail art you need to pass a good base coat and top coat on the nail, then proceed with the application of one or more adhesive hearts, or draw them with the help of a thin-pointed brush or stamps. 

In addition to white, the colors that go well with red are powder pink or flesh-colored, which enhance the nails and look good on both young and more mature hands. There are many combinations of colors and heart-shaped decorations: you can draw hearts on just a few nails or replicate them on all of them, varying in colour, shape and size. The result will be simple and fun, perfect to combine with a casual look that will go well both during the day and in the evening.

Lace nails for Valentine's Day

Nail art with lace inserts makes hands really sensual! It is made by applying color with stencils that recreate the texture of lace on the top of the nail, contrasting with the base. The base can be transparent for a nude and elegant effect or monochrome, with a nice color Matt on which to make the decoration stand out.

To stay on minimal, lace nail art features white, flesh-colored or pale pink bases on all nails with decorations only on the ring finger, so as not to overload the manicure. Obviously there are no rules but only interpretations, so you can choose where and how much lace to apply, also deciding on the combination of colors.

The effect is sophisticated e of impact, but it's a detailed nail art that looks best on medium length nails, with a square or almond shape so that the decoration has enough space to stand out.

Valentine's Day nail art with contrasting french

The traditional red, symbol of love, is brilliant and bright, but there are many shades to play with, from cherry red to burgundy, up to rosy nuances or mixed with purple.

For Valentine's Day nail art you can try your favorite red nail polish with a french reverse, or a reverse French. French is a type of manicure which provides a white stripe on the upper part of the nail but, if done in reverse, the stripe becomes colored on a white or transparent basis.

It's a simple nail art that focuses entirely on the contrast between white and red, but the color combinations are endless: red and purple, pink and red, pink and white, choose the combination and enhance your nails with small rhinestones to be applied on one or two fingers. Don't forget the transparent and strengthening top coat, which makes the polish long-lasting and protects your nails!

Nails Valentine lettering

And if your message this Valentine's Day is love in all languages ​​of the world, dress up your nails with one nail art lettering, with the word Love written on the nails or replicated as a pattern. You can make the base white or black and play with the lettering by writing the words in italics or block capitals, or opt for the stickers that are applied to the nail and filed or shortened following their shape; just a coat of transparent nail polish or a top coat is enough to fix them. The writings, on the other hand, can be made with the help of stencils or with a brush, if you have a steady and precise hand. 

What we have seen in the article are starting points for creating a personalized Valentine's nail art, which expresses the style and character of those who show it off. There are those who love soft colors and those who can't wait to exaggerate, those who experiment every week and those who remain faithful to sobriety; in any case, a good nail art must be created with safe, professional and quality products, starting from the nail polishes.

If you want to make a Valentine's manicure at home, get long-lasting nail polishes with bright colors, and take care of your nails before and after application by applying a base followed by a top coat.

To make the decorations on the nails you will need stickers, molds nail art brushes, solvent to remove nail polish or fix small smudges, lime to shape the nails and creams and oils to soften the cuticles before applying the colour.

Get these products in specialized beauty or perfume shops: on our website you will find discount codes on many brands of professional nail polish, to buy your favorites at low and convenient prices. In addition to the nail polishes, take advantage of the discounts on professional accessories such as the UV lamp to get the perfect manicure even at home.

Now that you have discounts and a long list of shops where you can get everything you need, all you have to do is use your imagination, taste and talent to create the Valentine's Day nail art of your dreams, to show off for a romantic candlelit dinner or a fun night at the disco.

Wherever you celebrate – and whoever you celebrate with – your beautiful nails will certainly not go unnoticed!

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