Pop it: what they are, what they are for and where to buy them online

Pop its are colorful and fun sensory games, useful for fighting stress and releasing accumulated tension. Discover the best online stores where you can buy them at discounted prices thanks to the Best Discounts discount codes.

Today we tell you about pop it. Impossible that you haven't heard of it lately. I'm the anti stress game of the moment, which is driving adults and children crazy. Although they have already been on the market for a few years, they have experienced a real boom in recent times.

The challenges on social networks featuring Pop it – or Push Pop Bubble Fidget or Pop It Fidget Sensory Toy (there are so many names) – have become a real catchphrase and there is no Youtuber who hasn't dedicated at least one video to them. 

What are Pop it

Their strength is simplicity, in fact they are composed of one silicone tablet, very colorful and with the most varied shapes, within which they are contained rows of balls or bubbles to crush. That's all? Exactly. The pleasure you get from crushing the bubbles is really healthy. 

A what are Pop its for?

Pop its are gods sensory games which have the purpose of making us perform certain actions, such as squeezing, squeezing, mixing or stretching, useful for release the tension e release stressThe simple gesture of crushing the colored balls of a Pop it can help you relax and to drive away anxiety accumulated during the day.

Have you been studying all afternoon and feeling exhausted? Are you down after a particularly heavy day's work? Try to crush a few balls and you will see that you will feel better.

Some shops where you can buy them cheap

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Not only. Several studies have confirmed that sensory games are beneficial for sufferers of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, who suffers from obsessive compulsive disorder and many other pathologies. 

In addition to the classic anti-stress modality, which you can dedicate yourself to, Pop its can become a pastime to spend funny family moments or with a friend. In fact, there is one table version, which takes the name of Last Mouse Lost, very engaging and that follows precise rules.

Where to buy Pop it online

Pop its can be purchased in toy stores, newsagents and of course online. On major platforms E-commerce and in online store specialized in the sale of games you will find a lot of different types of Pop it.

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10 stores to buy Pop it online 

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