Oil-free air fryers, how they work and where to buy them

Hot air fryers do not need oil for frying, they manage to keep the food crunchy, but without fat and cholesterol. Discover the best online stores where you can buy them at discounted prices with the Best Discounts discount codes.

Follow a 'healthy nutrition it is the winning recipe to defend against numerous diseases. Among the main enemies of healthy food are i fried foods, super caloric, rich in cholesterol and saturated fat. French fries, mixed fried fish, fried fish are just some of the dishes, as irresistible as they are harmful to our healthwhich fall into this category. 

To help those who don't want to give up the browning and crunchy taste typical of frying, there are the hot air fryers. We tell you about it in this article, also indicating you where to buy them at cheap prices. 

How a hot air fryer works

It will be due to the increasingly widespread awareness that eating healthy foods lengthens life, the fact is that lately hot air fryers are on everyone's lips. 

Unlike traditional fryers, which cook food immersed in hot oil, these fryers they use the air to reach the high temperatures necessary for cooking.

The air comes heated until the ideal temperature is reached e spun at high speed thanks to a fan in the cooking chamber of the appliance. This “hot wind” cooks food evenly, leaving it soft on the inside and dry and crunchy on the outside.

We can say that the hot air fryer works in a similar way to that of an enhanced convection oven, with the difference that, thanks to its small size, cooking is much faster.

What can you fry in the air fryer

Any food you would fry the traditional way can also be cooked in an air fryer. Not just the fries therefore, but also meat, fish and vegetables.


The foods that lend themselves best are the classic frozen foods ready to fry, such as fish sticks, nuggets, chicken wings and nuggets, battered vegetables, chips, etc. However, whatever your tastes, you will be able to indulge your imagination by preparing tasty healthy recipes in the air fryer, without oil, keeping the food crispy.

Can you fry without oil?

To be correct, it must be said that actually a little oil should be added even inside the air fryer. For some recipes it won't be necessary, but in most cases you will need to add one or two teaspoons of oil to the utmost. An alternative, which works better on some foods, is brush with oil directly on their surface, or add a few drops to met cottura

Given the truly negligible quantities of oil, the resulting calorie, fat and cholesterol intake is certainly not comparable to that of a traditional fryer or frying in a pan. 

How to choose an air fryer

Air fryers work pretty similar to each other. Before you buy one though there are a few aspects to be evaluated

  • Basket capacity: very subjective, it depends on the amount of food you intend to cook.
  • Maximum temperature: must reach at least 200° C.
  • Warm-up time: it must reach temperature quickly, at the most in 3 minutes.
  • consumption: generally an air fryer consumes less than a hair dryer and given the reduced cooking times this aspect does not affect the choice much.

Where to buy an air fryer online

Hot air fryers are for sale on the main brands e-commerce platforms and in specialized online stores sale of household appliances.

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14 online stores where to buy hot air fryers

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    1. AMAZON
    2. EPRICE
    4. UNIEURO
    5. ARIES
    6. PHILIPS
    8. EBAY
    12. EXPERT
    13. QVC
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