How to use and save money with the National Youth Card

Find out how to use and save money with this new initiative promoted by the government, get benefits and discounts.

Today I'm here to help you save a lot of money with a fantastic initiative put in place by the government called the national youth card.

Above all, share this article with all your friends, relatives, acquaintances, because the more we join this initiative, the more interesting partners and discounts will arrive. Well, I honestly love it when the government puts in place any savings formula dedicated to anyone, but in this case well, specifically to young people, all boys and girls between eighteen and thirty-five and yes, I'll get involved too I among the young. In any case, I will feel young even at forty and the National Youth card is a digital tool for boys and girls that gives facilitated access to goods and services, but also experiences and opportunities.

This card allows you to have discounts and reductions in many areas, including travel, culture, health, entertainment and obviously these programs, as mentioned above, are constantly evolving, so news could arrive from one day to the next and it is for this I occasionally get into Apple and taking a look never hurts. Above all, could we have avoided finding an acronym for this card as well? Absolutely not, therefore, to avoid the very long name national youth card stringero' in cgi in la carta is valid primarily in Italy, but also within the other countries of the European Union, precisely because it is a European program with a small distinction. In fact, to be able to use it in the other countries of the European Union, you must not be more than thirty-one years old. So all boys and girls aged between eighteen and thirty-one will be able to use the card in Italy, in the European Union.

On the other hand, those who, like me, are over thirty-one but less than thirty-five will be able to use the card only in Italy. To activate the Cgl you will have to download the app or log in via SPID, or access the wallet section and press add or check in the highlighted section if the card is directly advertised and consequently press the icon. There will then be an explanation of who can activate the card, how much the concessions are worth, where and how it can be used, and finally you can click on Request Card, which will be immediately active after a quick check. Once the procedure is finished, a screen will appear with all the information and the card will be immediately usable in the information. There will therefore be the activation date and also the expiry date, which in my case will be precisely the day of my thirty-fifth birthday. In the section at the bottom of the page where it says discover the concessions there will be all the categories in which the different types of bonuses can be used.

In fact, in the all operators section, you will find an alphabetical list of all the agencies or entities adhering to the initiative. Browsing through the various categories, for example, they can be found in the section Home discounts on Enel Energia, but also Enel X or Eni, Gas and Light and even monclick, which I don't know if you know but is a very famous e-commerce for the sale of electronics and above all discounts on gas and electricity. Well, these days I'd say excellent. In the culture and leisure section, on the other hand, there are many interesting companies, including even Freedom e Uci Cinemas, so I would say absolutely interesting. Tickets to a cinema are six euros and ninety, while in the Education and training section there are many interesting companies, including Fastweb and Feltrinelli. For the work and traineeships section, however, there is a large one, but if I were you I would keep an eye on it because in my opinion in this specific section there will be many interesting innovations regarding sustainable mobility, also here there are several interesting proposals that will certainly come expanded, such as for example at the moment you can take advantage of a discount on rides with the electric scooter. As far as health and well-being are concerned, Costa Cruises even offers a bonus, so I would say that no one can take away a discount on a nice cruise in the Mediterranean to relax a bit. In the banking and financial services tablet there are still champagne and Enel X, but I'm sure this section will be expanded with very interesting things. After all, for young people this is a very, very interesting topic as far as sport is concerned. Among others we even find Declan who offers a five percent discount on the rental of sports equipment. I would say not bad for telephony and internet. For now there is only Monclick, but in my opinion this section will also be expanded with very interesting offers, therefore absolutely worth keeping an eye on. And finally in the Travel Transport section we find many interesting partners including Airbnb, Costa Cruises, Flixbus, ITA Airways and also Italo.

But let's see in practice how to get a certain type of discount. Let's say we need to get a ticket with Flixbus, so we click on the name of the company and we discover the offer in this case, ie a fifteen percent discount on the ticket. By clicking on the discount there will be all the conditions to read carefully, therefore in this case the discount code is valid for journeys departing from twenty four two two thousand, twenty two to eleven four two thousand and twenty two and twenty one zero four two thousand twenty two to ten zero six Two thousand twenty two discount usable only through the Flixbus app. To be able to access the voucher, therefore, just click on the eye-shaped icon and the discount code will appear directly, which can be copied and pasted directly into the app, so I would say very easy and simple to use. But be careful because each partner, with its own constraints and clauses, such as Enel, gives a discount on the gas bill, but only to those who take over and not to new single cinema subscribers if you buy tickets for six euros and ninety but not on the weekend, only during the week Airbnb offers ten percent off a very interesting stay. However, only on certain dates Monclick offers a twenty percent discount, a very attractive figure, but only on products Samsung.

So you just have to activate the card and go and see if there are offers that are right for you, bearing in mind that the offers are constantly evolving. Just a clarification for those who were wondering the card is only and exclusively digital, there is no physical copy, therefore no physical copy of the card will arrive at home precisely because this digitization of the card will take place via the io app and it will only be used via the app . Well, I hope I have made you discover a new way to save money that you may not have known. Remember to share the article with all your friends, acquaintances and relatives in order to have as many discounts as possible.

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