Evaporative air conditioners: what they are, how they work, where to buy them

Evaporative air conditioners don't need electricity to cool the environment and are an economical solution to protect yourself from the heat. Discover the best online stores to buy them at discounted prices with our discount codes.

I evaporative air conditioners, or evaporative coolers, are a solution to protect yourself from the sultry heat of summer days. Attention, we are not referring to the classic air conditioners, but to particular devices, which use the evaporation of water to cool the ambient temperature.

We talk about it in this article, showing you the main characteristics of evaporative coolers, describing their operating mechanism and recommending a series of online stores on which you can buy them using the discount codes of Best Discounts for save.

What are evaporative air conditioners

Evaporative coolers are able to lower the temperature of an environment by exploiting the evaporation of water, (almost) without consuming electricity. You got it right, you can make the temperature in your bedroom or living room pleasant by consuming a negligible amount of electricity. 

To do this, they use the principle ofvaporization enthalpy of water, that is:

the heat required to vaporize one mole of a substance to its boiling point at standard pressure.

This principle, known since antiquity (the Egyptians used it, millennia ago), allows the evaporation cooler to work using water instead of energy.

Evaporative conditioners are also used by the food industry for keep food fresh and be able to keep it longer, especially in very hot areas and where electricity is not always present. 

How an evaporative air conditioner works

Therefore, evaporative coolers take advantage of the evaporative cooling principle. To understand what it is, think of the human organism, which produces sweat to cool the body temperature after exertion. In the case of the temperature of an environment, the cooling of the air is due to the absorption of the thermal energy present in the air itself due to evaporation.

An evaporative cooler consists of a water tank with inside an evaporator (which we could compare to a kind of sponge), which remains moist until the water has completely evaporated. A fan pushes the air through the "sponge" and since the water has a lower temperature than the air, the outgoing air will be cooler than the incoming one.

If you have the opportunity to entercold water, or to place del dry ice in front of the fan, the cooling effect will be even greater.

Pros and cons of evaporative coolers

  • PRO. The fan and other small electronic components represent le only sources of consumption of the energy. I'm a valid alternative to air conditioners, which, on the other hand, have high consumption.
  • PRO. Unlike wall-mounted air conditioners, which cannot be removed once fixed, they have the advantage of being able to be easily transported.
  • AGAINST. Theirs cooling power it is not comparable to that of an air conditioner. 
  • AGAINST. The tank must be recharged often and the ability to cool the environment decreases over time.  

Being ideal to use for short periods or in small rooms, we recommend use them in combination with a conditioner. In fact, by alternating their use, you will save a lot on consumption. 

Portable air conditioners without external hose: an alternative to evaluate

If you are looking for a device more powerful than evaporative coolers at the same time an alternative to the classic wall mounted air conditioners, you could evaluate i portable air conditioners without external hose.

These devices have the triple advantage of consume much less energy, not having to be fixed to the wall e cost much less of classic air conditioners. They do not have a power comparable to those of tube air conditioners, which use refrigerant gas to cool the environment.

Their cooling capacity is lower, however as they are not equipped with a cooling engine, they do not need the external hose to discharge. Portable air conditioners without an external tube use a filter, cooled with ice cubes, through which the air flow generated by a fan is conveyed.

Air Breeze portable air conditioner: another alternative 

Il Air Breeze air conditioner is a compact but powerful air conditioner, which has the advantage of consume less of the classic air conditioners and not need masonry work, because does not require installation

It has a power of only 75 Watts, against the over 1.200 Watts of a classic air conditioner, but it still manages to cool a room. AND easy to move, because it is light and equipped with 4 wheels, it has a 4 liter water container and 2 ice cubes with coolant included.

Where to buy an evaporative air conditioner

Evaporative air conditioners are for sale on the main ones e-commerce platforms and in specialized online stores sale of household appliances.

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10 online stores where to buy evaporative air conditioners

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