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What characteristics must a perfect suitcase have? Everything you need to know and the best online shops where you can buy the suitcase for your next trip at discounted prices, thanks to the Coupon Codes discount codes.

This article is for everyone who needs to buy a new suitcase and they don't know which model to choose. 

Let's start immediately by saying that there is no suitcase better than another and that everything depends on the type of use to be made of it, i.e. the type of trip. Starting from the means of transport used, passing through the duration, destination and other details.

Below, we will analyze specifically what are the variables that determine what is the best suitcase for a specific type of trip and subsequently the solutions offered by the market.

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The choice of suitcase depends on the type of trip 

The factors to evaluate to choose the best suitcase based on the type of trip are:

  • Duration of the journey
  • Type of trip
  • Means of transport used

Duration of the journey

It doesn't mean that to take a long trip you necessarily need a very large suitcase. There are those who love to travel light and usually use hand luggage even for two-week holidays, washing their clothes while they are on site.

In general however, depending on the duration of the trip, you will need more or less space in your suitcase. Therefore, the first factor to evaluate is how long you will be away from home and how many clothes and objects you will need during your stay.

Type of trip

Will you go on an itinerant trip or will you always stay in the same place? Let's rephrase the question: will you be able to unpack your bags once you reach your destination and put them back in your suitcase only on the day you have to leave again?

If the answer is yes, you have no particular needs in choosing the most suitable suitcase model. Otherwise, however, that is, if you have to pack and unpack several times, because you move frequently and stay overnight in different places, you should opt for a light and more easily transportable bag, for example a trolley.

Means of transport used

How will you reach your travel destination? If you travel by plane, in 90% of cases you will have to decide whether to add hold baggage to the booking or whether to travel with hand baggage only. In the first case you won't have particular restrictions on size, but you will only have to respect the maximum weight allowed by the airline (usually around 20 kg, but it depends).

However, if you do not check in your baggage, it will have to strictly and inflexibly respect (especially if you are traveling low cost) the measures indicated by the company. Know that today there are two types of hand luggage, the small one, which goes under the seat in front of you and which meets the dimensions of 40 cm x 20 cm x 25 cm (practically a backpack) and the "large" hand luggage, which you can store in the appropriate overhead bins and which measures 55 cm x 40 cm x 20 cm .

Choose carefully based on these measurements and the type of ticket you bought, because exceeding the dimensions could cost you dearly.

If you travel by other means of transport you will have fewer limitations. In the car it is more convenient to have soft suitcases that can adapt in shape to the capacity of the trunk, while if you travel by train and have to move from the station on foot or by public transport, the wheels of a trolley will come in handy. 

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Types of suitcases

Having analyzed these factors, let's move on to the types of suitcases that the market offers. Basically you have to choose between

  • Small, medium or large suitcases
  • Rigid, semi-rigid or soft suitcases
  • Suitcases with handles or wheels

The dimensions: small, medium or large suitcase?

There are suitcases of different sizes on the market. Usually the 

  • small suitcases they have the longest side which does not exceed 55 cm, so as to be suitable as hand luggage for those traveling by plane. 
  • medium suitcases, with a long side between 55 cm and 70 cm
  • large suitcases, with a long side greater than 70 cm   

Clearly the bigger they are, the more they weigh. Especially if you have restrictions on maximum weight, consider that suitcases can weigh empty from 2 to 6 kg, but this is also influenced by the material of the suitcase, which we will talk about now. 

The material: rigid, semi-rigid or soft suitcase

The material of the suitcase affects its weight, capacity, safety, security and price.

Hard suitcase 

It is usually made of polycarbonate, ABS or polypropylene and has the following pros and cons. 

Benefits: elegant, resistant, waterproof, safe. 

disadvantages: heavy and expensive.  

Soft or semi-rigid suitcase

Usually made of nylon or polyester and has the following pros and cons.

Benefits: light, cheap, adaptable, roomy.

disadvantages: less resistant, less safe, less protective.  

Suitcase with handles or wheels

As mentioned earlier, the wheeled suitcase, i trolley, they are convenient in all those situations in which during the trip you have to make frequent movements which require you to carry your suitcases by hand. Let's think about having to take a ferry, reach the gate at the airport or a train station by public transport. This is especially true if the suitcase is heavy. 

Conversely, if you don't have these duties, the practicality of one suitcase with handles, Of a duffle bag or even one travel backpack it is undoubted. These types of luggage are more versatile, because they are easy to handle and practical. They can be carried on the shoulders and thanks to the many pockets present they allow you to organize the contents in compartments divided from each other, so as not to have to take everything out every time. 

Where to buy a suitcase online 

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