Brita carafe filter spares: price, how they work and deadlines

The Brita filter jug ​​helps you say goodbye to plastic water bottles and limescale. With Brita discount codes, stock up on filters at advantageous prices

With the Brita filter jug you can say goodbye to plastic water bottles, the hassle of carrying them home when you go shopping and, above all, tap water containing metals and responsible for limescale on dishes. 

British is a German company known for purifying water through systems such as carafes equipped with filters, designed to eliminate metals and limestone from the pipes from tap water, making it good both for drinking and for use in cooking . 

The Brita filter jug ​​is an alternative solution and comfortable to the filter to be applied to the tap, which is much more expensive in comparison; the jug is a container for water with an integrated filtering system, specifically designed so that the water, passing through it, comes out cleansed of every particle. 

In this article we see how the carafe and the filter system work, and in the end we discover the Brita discount codes to stock up on filters while saving.

How the Brita filter jug ​​works

We are talking about an accessory with a simple design, an object of common use reinterpreted with the intention of evolving from a simple container for water to a system of safe filteringto be used daily. Choosing a Brita filter jug ​​means eliminating the use of water bottles at home, saving money and helping the environment by reducing the use of plastic. In fact, with the filtered water from the carafe, you can fill glass bottles and stock up to keep them close at hand whenever you need them, both for drinking and for cooking. The water with the Brita jug never runs out because you get it directly from the tap, and you don't have to go and buy it again at the supermarket wasting money, time and effort. We are talking about an accessory that lasts over time and can really revolutionize your habits. 

The Brita filter jug ​​is also useful in the preparation of food and drinks; using filtered water to prepare tea and coffee, for example, eliminates the formation of limescale in the milk boiler and mocha, as well as in the pots when using unfiltered water to cook rice or pasta.

Brita filters: how they work

The fundamental component of the Brita carafe is obviously the water filtering system by replaceable filters, which change once their work is done, making the jug an object you can count on over time. The filter serves to clean water from limescale residues and from any other waste that it is better to avoid introducing into the body.
The Brita filtering system is made up of two types of filter depending on the model:

  • i Maxtra + filters, which guarantee up to 4 weeks of operation and up to 100 liters of filtered water;
  • i Microdisc filters, which treat up to 150 liters of water and last about 4 weeks. 

All types of Brita filters are made with a mix of activated carbon and ion exchangers; the latter serve to reduce some metal residues present in tap water even when it is drinkable such as, for example, lead and copper but also limestone, chlorine and similar compounds that alter taste and purity.

It must be said that if you are used to drinking tap water you will notice the difference in taste using the Brita filter jug, at least at the beginning; we are talking about a taste that can be different but better, as it is associated with cleaner and safer water, to which you get used to immediately.

Brita filters expire

Both types of filters last one month and the duration is indicated by a led counter placed on the jug, which signals the remaining weeks until replacement. This function is called Memo, and to activate it, just hold down the START button on the lid until four bars appear on the display and flash twice. 

At the bottom right of the display, a flashing dot indicates that the MEMO function is active, while the number of bars on the display indicates the remaining life of the filter. Each bar corresponds to about a week, and in general Brita filters should be replaced every four weeks. 

If stored correctly, i.e. between 1 and 50 degrees, away from heat and direct sunlight and packed in their original packaging, Brita filters may remain usable for years.

Brita carafe price

The price of the Brita carafe is 20 euros depending on the model, but keep in mind the real usefulness of such an accessory: filtered and clean water as many times as you want, zero plastic waste, you will no longer have to load cases of water from the supermarket to your home.
The only additional expense once you have purchased the carafe concerns the Brita filters, which last up to four weeks as we have seen, and consequently do not constitute a onerous expense. 

save keep an eye on them promotions dedicated to Brita carafes, taking advantage of those at a reduced price which include the purchase of the carafe and a series of filters sold together. We also advise you to take advantage of Brita discount codes on our site, with which to save on the purchase of filters and even the carafe!

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