Air Up bottle: what it is, how it works and prices

The Air Up bottle aromatises water, replacing plastic bottles once and for all. Discover the discount codes to save on your purchase.

La water bottle air up in a short time it has become a trendy accessory, depopulating on Tiktok and achieving worldwide success thanks to the colorful and cheerful aesthetics, but above all because of the pod system. 

I pod they are scented tablets with which to flavor drinking water, which give the illusion of flavor by stimulating the so-called retronasal smell. 

The Air Up water bottle replaces plastic bottles once and for all, it is designed to last over time and is a useful object at any time of the day, which you can take with you to the office, school, gym or when you travel.

Let's see what pod innovation specifically consists of and at the end of the article we leave you the Air Up discount codes to save on the purchase of the water bottle.

What is the Air Up bottle

Sponsored by influencers and quickly splashed among the Tik Tok trends, the Air Up bottle uses a system of tablets inside that perfume the water, returning a sensation of flavor in the mouth. Let's talk about postnasal smell, or smells that are associated with flavors in the mouth, which in this case are activated by tablets of various flavors to be inserted in the Air Up bottle, which in this way makes the water fragrant and "tasty".

What are pods

The pods are tablets with no added sugar and a single tablet can give aroma to up to 5 liters of water, which corresponds to 10 plastic bottles. You can choose from as many as 17 different pod flavors, mainly fruit-flavoured, to be inserted in the special compartment; this way when the water passes through the pod it releases the smell. The overall duration of a pod ranges from 3 to 4 days and can be used with normal or sparkling water, even if they are better with natural water.

How the Air Up bottle works

The operation of the Air Up bottle is simple; the bottle must be filled with sparkling or still water and then the pod of the favorite flavor is inserted into the special compartment, located in the upper part of the bottle. When the water passes through the silicone cup, the pod releases the scent that mixes with the water, thus activating the retronasal sense of smell. It is neither more nor less than a suggestion, as the brain perceives a taste in the mouth while instead it is drinking perfumed water. 

This system, in addition to making water intake pleasant, is recommended for those who drink less than they should; 2 liters of water a day are recommended to keep the body healthy, and with the Air Up bottle drinking becomes a relaxing ritual, to be consumed even while studying or working.

Price of the Air Up bottle

The average price of the Air Up bottle is 40 euros. Check discount codes and offers updated in real time.

Why is the Air Up bottle getting so much success?

Definitely due to the innovation proposed by the pods, up to the design that makes the bottles aesthetically pleasing, customizable with straps and components of different colors as well as solid and robust, very resistant over time. 

Finally, the pod system makes water less "boring" and helps you drink the right amount, transforming it into a pleasant drink that you can sip wherever you are. 

The fun factor is also undeniable, with the choice between the various flavors of pod available and the sensation of flavor that increases sip after sip, returning a sweet (despite the absence of sugar) and fruity taste. 

This system immediately made inroads into the public's curiosity, especially young people who see the Air Up bottle as a trendy item, to be shown off everywhere and kept in a bag when going around. However, the Air Up bottle is appreciated by a varied user base made up of very young people and adults, who find the accessory useful and environmentally friendly.

Air Up water bottle review

According to users' opinions, the Air Up bottle is an excellent way to learn to drink more in a fun way, thus reinforcing a good daily habit. The bottle is also an accessory versatile e Useful for every day, to take with you everywhere in order to limit the use and purchase of plastic bottles, thus contributing to the reduction of pollution. 

The Air Up bottle pleases with its playful design and pod system, which makes it an accessory different from all the others and with real utility, as well as a perfect gift to give yourself or others regardless of gender and age .

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