Discounted price X-plorer 75s on Rowenta

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Discount code €75 Rowenta

only for 48 hours the X-plorer 75s robot is on promo, by purchasing it now you will save €100! Hurry, the offer expires on Sunday!
                    "id": "12714624",
                    "title": "Offerta € 75",
                    "description": "solo per 48 h il robot X-plorer 75s \u00e8 in promo, acquistandolo ora risparmierai 100\u20ac!\r\nAffrettati l'offerta scade domenica!",
                    "thumbnail": "../stores/store_3674.jpg",
					"gt_translate_keys": ["title", "description", "code", "perma", "store_perma"],
                    "code": "FLASH0624R",
                    "perma": "sconto-x-plorer-75s",
                    "store_perma": "rowenta",
                    "url": "/go.php?coupon_id=12714624&code=FLASH0624R",
                    "store_id": "3674"