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20% Discount Code

From 7 to 21 June, take advantage of an exclusive -20% discount on the entire collection of smartphone accessories.
                    "id": "13652660",
                    "title": "Sconto 20%",
                    "description": "Dal 7 al 21 giugno,\r\napprofitta di uno sconto esclusivo del\r\n\r\n-20%\r\n\r\nsu tutta la collezione di accessori per smartphone.",
                    "thumbnail": "../../nologomini-512.png",
					"gt_translate_keys": ["title", "description", "code", "perma", "store_perma"],
                    "code": "SUMMER20",
                    "perma": "sconto-20",
                    "store_perma": "caseandme",
                    "url": "https://www.migliorisconti.it/go.php?coupon_id=13652660&code=SUMMER20",
                    "store_id": "4688"

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Case and Me Code  • Used 21 times     Expires in 3 days

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