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15% Discount Code

The discount code does not apply to Philips Hue, David Superlight, bulbs and replacement parts or already discounted items. The discount code cannot be combined with other discount codes, vouchers or price matches.
                    "id": "13644379",
                    "title": "Sconto 15%",
                    "description": "Il codice sconto non si applica a Philips Hue, David Superlight, lampadine e parti di ricambio o articoli gi\u00e0 scontati. Il codice sconto non \u00e8 cumulabile con altri codici sconto, voucher o price match.\r\n\r\n",
                    "thumbnail": "../../nologomini-512.png",
					"gt_translate_keys": ["title", "description", "code", "perma", "store_perma"],
                    "code": "JBLM1",
                    "perma": "sconto-15",
                    "store_perma": "ilmaestrodellilluminazione",
                    "url": "https://www.migliorisconti.it/go.php?coupon_id=13644379&code=JBLM1",
                    "store_id": "4573"
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