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Things to know about Gorilla Socks

Gorilla Socks was born in Naples in 2017 with the aim of combining the latest trends in terms of design with greater attention to the environment and the sustainability of materials. The intention is to transform a commonly used item such as socks into a product that is not only trendy but also eco-sustainable thanks to the use of natural fibres. Gorilla Socks aims to contribute to the fight against environmental unsustainability in the textile industry by offering a sustainable natural fibre. In particular, bamboo, a material appreciated by all those who care about the environment, is a rapidly growing plant that does not require human intervention and can be harvested approximately every 3-4 years, thus avoiding devastating deforestation processes. Gorilla Socks pays attention to the environment and sustainability by collaborating with associations at a national and international level to which it dedicates a percentage of its proceeds. For the 2021-2022 sports season, the company has become the Official Partner of Napoli Femminile, a Serie A women's football team that shares the values ​​of sport, integration, tolerance and the conservation of ecosystems. Over To this end, Gorilla Socks is a member of the Sustainable Fashion Innovation Society. Bamboo socks and clothing accessories are made from fruit and vegetable waste, no matter whether they are apples or pears. Furthermore, the pomace, which is residue from wine processing, is reused to create fashion items. The whey of buffalo mozzarella from Campania is also a material from which it is possible to obtain something beautiful. The furniture must be strictly eco-sustainable, as well as the coffee pods, which should not be thrown in the garbage. At the same time, the processes of producing a quality wine can also be aided by earthworms.

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                { "id": "12476174", "title": "Winter Discounts", "description": "40% discount on all products", "thumbnail": "../stores/store_4774.jpg", "code ": "No longer active", "perma": "winter-discounts", "store_perma": "gorilla-socks", "url": "/go2.php?coupon_id=12476174&store_id=4774", "store_id": " 4774" }

Winter Discount Offer -20%

40% off all products
                { "id": "11437395", "title": "2x1 discount", "description": "DOUBLE THE COMFORT WITH THE CODE - 2x1 ON ALL SOCKS", "thumbnail": "../stores/store_4774.jpg ", "code": "No longer active", "perma": "discount-2x1", "store_perma": "gorilla-socks", "url": "/go2.php?coupon_id=11437395&store_id=4774", " store_id": "4774" }

2x1 discount


Where can I find Gorilla Socks discount codes?

On this page there are many Gorilla Socks promotional codes that allow you to save on your online purchases. Visit it often to choose the best active savings opportunity.

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Enter the Gorilla Socks promotional code from this page in the online store cart summary to see the final amount with the discount applied.

How do I use a Gorilla Socks promotional offer?

Here, in our Gorilla Socks offers section, click on the "Discover the Offer" button to access the online store page and take advantage of the promotion.

When do the Gorilla Socks sales start?

In 2024 the Gorilla Socks winter sales will start in January, the summer ones in July.

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