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Discount Code €10

To thank you for participating, you will receive a €10 discount on your next purchase
                    "id": "9407346",
                    "title": "Offerta € 10",
                    "description": "Per ringraziarti della partecipazione ricevi uno sconto di 10\u20ac sul tuo prossimo acquisto",
                    "thumbnail": "../../nologomini-512.png",
					"gt_translate_keys": ["title", "description", "code", "perma", "store_perma"],
                    "code": "MYBOHERONEWS",
                    "perma": "sconto-10",
                    "store_perma": "bohero",
                    "url": "",
                    "store_id": "638"

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5% discount

Bohero offers a 5% discount on any purchase to all loyal users who decide to receive their newsletter of promotions and offers.
                    "id": "2785",
                    "title": "Sconto 5%",
                    "description": "Bohero offre uno sconto del 5 % su qualsiasi acquisto a tutti gli utenti fedeli che decidono di ricevere la loro newsletter di promozioni e offerte.",
                    "thumbnail": "../../nologomini-512.png",
					"gt_translate_keys": ["title", "description", "code", "perma", "store_perma"],
                    "code": "",
                    "perma": "sconto-5-se-ti-iscrivi-alla-newsletter",
                    "store_perma": "bohero",
                    "url": "",
                    "store_id": "638"

Promotional Codes and Offers Bohero

There are no offers for this shop yet. If you know them and want to share them report them here!

Things to know about Bohero

Bohero was designed to offer an inspiring alternative to traditional shopping.

Offering a wide assortment of high quality and designer products from both established brands and emerging young designers.

You can find Bohero products and their personally selected brands in important magazines and newspapers such as "Casa Moderna", "100 Idee per la Casa", "Cose di Casa", "Home", "Case da Abitare", "Brava Casa" , "Abitare", "Home", "Marie Claire", "AD", "La Mia Casa", etc. For any question or curiosity the Bohero team will always be ready to help.

Where can I find Bohero discount codes?

Do you want to take advantage of many Bohero discount codes? Come and discover all the coupons on this page. Come periodically to check new savings opportunities are available.

Where to enter Bohero coupons?

Copy the Bohero promotional code here and then paste it into the shopping cart box of the online store. The total with the discount applied will be shown later.

How do I use a Bohero promotional offer?

Consult the Bohero section to discover unmissable promotions and click on the "Discover the Offer" button to take advantage of the active offer on the online store.

When do the Bohero sales start?

In 2024, the start date of the winter Bohero sales is set for January, while the summer one for July.

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