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Mobility BIT code  • Used 2552 times     Expires in 3 days

Discount 5 €

If you download the Satispay App and enter the code during registration, you can receive a €5 Welcome Bonus after your first purchase
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Mobility BIT code  • Used 7439 times     Expires in 3 days

Discount code 15 minutes

Use this invitation code to receive 15 extra rental minutes for free
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Promotional Codes and Offers BIT mobility

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Things to know about BIT mobility

The scooters can be rented at the standard rate, which includes the cost for unlocking, and a rate per minute during the trip and the possibility of pausing. Packages and Season Passes are also available, which can be purchased directly in the App. Traveling with BIT is very easy. With a simple click on your smartphone you can instantly unlock and rent one of our electric scooters and enjoy your ride around the city. 

Where can I find the BIT mobility discount codes?

On this page there are many BIT mobility promotional codes that allow you to save on your online purchases. Visit it often to choose the best active savings opportunity.

Where to enter the BIT mobility coupons?

Use this page to get the BIT mobility promotional code and enter it in the shopping summary on the e-commerce site. There you will be able to find out the cost with the discount applied.

How do I use a BIT mobility promotional offer?

Check the BIT mobility section and find the exclusive offers available. Just click on the "Discover the Offer" button to access the online shop.

When do the sales on BIT mobility start?

In 2024 January will be the month of the winter BIT mobility sales, July the summer one.

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