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If you are looking for an innovative and convenient online shopping experience, don't miss the opportunity to discover Bidoo's special offers. Thanks to our Bidoo promo codes and discount coupons, you will be able to access fantastic penny auctions, where you can win the highest quality products at incredibly advantageous prices. Bidoo is the ideal solution for anyone looking for a fun and exciting way to shop online, without sacrificing quality and safety. Every day, thousands of products of all kinds are auctioned, including the latest iPhone models, high-end smartphones, tablets, shoes, handbags and gift certificates for major online stores. With Bidoo, you will be able to participate in auctions in total transparency and security, thanks to the constant monitoring of the staff. You will never have to worry about unpleasant surprises or losing your money. Furthermore, thanks to the Bidoo discount codes that you find here on "Best Discounts", you will be able to access even more advantageous offers and save even more on your purchases. Don't miss the opportunity to get your favorite products at unbeatable prices. [Expand]

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Free bets

You will immediately earn 10 Bets (You must also verify the Telephone)
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Free Shipping

Activate Free Shipping on your account with a bundle of bets
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Save up to 90% with over 5000 auctions per day
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Promotional Codes and Offers Bidoo

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Things to know about Bidoo

What is Bidoo

Bidoo is a site of online penny auctions which allows you to save a lot on the purchase of different products, especially on hi-tech ones, even of the latest generation such as the iPhone or Airpod, taking advantage of a gamified shopping experience. 

At the moment Bidoo is the largest platform of its kind in Europe: in fact, it boasts over one and a half million users, interested in the possibility of winning unattainable products by paying them almost up to 90% less of their real price. The auctions are transparent, safe and supervised by the staff: on Bidoo it is possible to do really good business.

How Bidoo works

Shopping on Bidoo is easy and fun, and different from classic online shopping. Bidoo is a site where you buy through auctions, therefore the game system involves users in a competition in which the aim becomes to get the best price to grab the product, avoiding re-launching by others and turning the purchase into a race of all against all.

To start buying on Bidoo, just create an account, take a look at the various auctions in progress and bet on the one that interests you.

What products are sold on Bidoo

You can find tons of products up for auction, and more are added every day; regardless of the category of the object at auction, these are goods covered by a guarantee ranging from the latest generation electronics to household products or even vouchers to be used on online shopping portals such as Amazon, Decathlon and other large chains, mobile top-ups, boxed games, perfumes, video games, travel, fitness equipment, all up to 95% discount

How Bidoo auctions work

Le auctions they are activated every day every five minutes, in a period of time that goes from noon to midnight; each user who participates in the auction can always and only bid by a penny at a time regardless of the value of the item. Each auction has its own time within which it is possible to raise (always by one cent at a time) after which a countdown starts and the time available varies according to the type of auction; when time runs out, if no one bids at the last second, the last participant to bid wins the purchase of the item. 

The beauty of Bidoo lies in recognizing the right moment to place bets and play strategy to burn the other participants in time.

How much is an episode of Bidoo?

An single bet on Bidoo it costs €0,50, but for convenience it is better to use the packages for several episodes, taking advantage of the discount codes to get them for free; some packages also give you free shipping if you win.

How to pay on Bidoo

Payment on Bidoo to pay for stake packages is possible with both miscellaneous credit cards of the main circuits (Visa, Mastercard, American Express) or Postepay; payment on Bidoo is one hundred percent safe thanks to cryptographic protections that protect user data and prevent use by third parties. The price of the packages varies according to the number of bets you buy, from a minimum of 50 bets at a cost of €10 up to a maximum of 4000 bets at €300. 

Bidoo discount codes

On our site you can find Bidoo discount codes to use to get yourself a certain number of bets as a gift.

If you don't win the auction, your stakes will be refunded to you but you can buy more by choosing from the different stake packages or using our Bidoo discount code. If you haven't joined Bidoo yet, do it now, you'll receive ten free bets to start playing with. 

How to use the Bidoo discount code

The Bidoo discount code is a code made up of letters and numbers that saves you a fixed amount on the total or as a percentage of your purchase; must be entered when completing the order. In the case of Bidoo we are not talking about products but about betting packages, necessary to participate in auctions and try to win prizes. With the Bidoo discount codes on our site you can get more or less substantial packages of free bets. 

What can I buy with these Bidoo discounts?

On the store you can save on Auctions of bets, vouchers, luxury, apple, motors, early childhood, video games, smartphones, TV and audio, household appliances, tablets and PCs, fashion, home & garden.

Where can I find Bidoo discount codes?

On this page or on the Telegram channel you will find Bidoo promotional codes to save on your online shopping. Visit it regularly so you don't miss out on the best savings opportunities.

Where to enter Bidoo coupons?

Copy the Bidoo promotional code from this page, enter it in the shopping cart box of the online shop and see the final price with the discount applied.

How do I use a Bidoo promotional offer?

Here, in our Bidoo offers section, click on the "Discover the Offer" button to access the online shop page and take advantage of the promotion.

When do the Bidoo sales start?

In 2024 the winter Bidoo sales will be held in January, while the summer ones in July.

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