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Things to know about Avira

If you're looking for a complete solution to protect your digital life, Avira is the answer for you. Thanks to the products and services offered, you will be able to guarantee your security against viruses and malware, remain anonymous whatever you do and get the best performance from your PC.

Avira Free Security for Windows is the perfect choice to get rid of scammers, hackers and slow devices with just one click. Backed by a 5-star rating and the cnet logo's "SPECTACULAR" editor's note, you can rest easy knowing you have total digital protection at your disposal.

Whatever device you use and whatever you do, do it safely with Avira. All your devices, your privacy and personal data, your searches, your software, your online shopping and banking, even your home network. Avira protects them all with antivirus that protects you in real time from malware and online threats, software updater that keeps your software and drivers up to date, browser safety that blocks infected websites, browser trackers and intrusive advertising, and safe shopping that finds safe and cheap offers and coupons when you shop online.

Stay anonymous whatever you do with Avira, thanks to the true online privacy it guarantees you. Take back control of your data. The traces you leave online, the purchases you make, your location, your searches, the passwords you use: Avira keeps all this private and visible only to you thanks to Phantom VPN which encrypts and anonymizes your web traffic (500 MB/month) and password manager that creates and remembers unbreakable passwords for each account.

You deserve the best digital experience and Avira delivers it to you with maximum performance. Your PC works as it should with System Speedup which eliminates junk files, reduces boot time and delays.

Avira Free Security offers you free essentials or maximum protection. If you want the all-in-one package for security and performance, choose Avira Prime, the most advanced package. At the discounted price of €99,95 / year (-40%), it automatically renews at €99,95 / year if you do not cancel your renewal. Premium virus protection, unlimited VPN, System Speedup Pro (30+ premium optimization tools), Software Updater Pro (automatically updates apps and drivers), all premium versions of Avira mobile apps, VIP customer service, around 20 tools in total for security and optimization and savings of more than 60% in this bundle.

Where can I find Avira discount codes?

On this page there are many Avira promotional codes that allow you to save money on your online purchases. Visit it often to choose the best active savings opportunity.

Where to enter Avira coupons?

Copy the Avira promo code from this page and paste it into the cart summary of the e-commerce site. You will see the total amount with the discount applied.

How do I use an Avira promotional offer?

Navigate the Avira offers area to discover new promotions and click on the "Discover the Offer" button to find out what the e-commerce site offers.

When do the Avira sales start?

In 2024, the Avira winter sales will start in January and the summer sales in July.

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