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Combo - Carnival Masks

Buy the Combo - Sabbiarelli Carnival Masks and you will get: 1 Sabbiarelli Basket with 12 colored SAND PENS and 1 spellicolino 3 Albums with 8 MASKS and 5 drawings of Carnival masks 2 Trays and 2 Spellicolini for FREE
                    "id": "2590426",
                    "title": "Combo - Maschere di Carnevale",
                    "description": "Acquista la Combo - Maschere di Carnevale Sabbiarelli e avrai:\n    1 Basket Sabbiarelli con 12 PENNE DI SABBIA colorata e 1 spellicolino\n    3 Album con 8 MASCHERE e 5 disegni di maschere di Carnevale\n    2 Vassoi e 2 Spellicolini in OMAGGIO",
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                    "perma": "combo-maschere-di-carnevale",
                    "store_perma": "sabbiarelli",
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                    "store_id": "699"

Carnival in Italy is a very popular and traditional festival that is celebrated each year before the Lent season. Each region of Italy has its own Carnival tradition, with parades of allegorical floats, masks and colorful costumesand street parties.

Il Venice Carnival it is perhaps the most famous and oldest in Italy. Dating back to medieval times, this event sees thousands of people dressed in elaborate costumes and masks taking part in parades and parties along the city's canals.

The Carnival of Ivrea, in Piedmont, is famous for its battle of the oranges, where participants throw oranges at each other in the city streets.

In Cento, in Emilia-Romagna, there is the Children's Carnival, where children parade through the streets in colorful costumes and masks. The Carnival of Putignano, in Puglia, is one of the oldest in Italy and lasts for the entire month of February, with parades of allegorical floats and dance and song performances.

In general, Carnival in Italy is a time of merriment and fun that celebrates the end of winter and the beginning of spring.

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